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Astro Pioneers is a free, global, and multilingual non-profit e-learning platform aimed at inspiring young minds from across the world to look up at the stars and explore.

Our Story and Motive

What can you find? 

We, here at Astro Pioneers, aspire every single day to make sure that every person who enters this community leaves with something new and exciting that they have learned today. We make sure to put in every ounce of our time and effort to make sure that this goal is reached every single day, and make sure that we put out quality and trustable information. We hope that every single child out there, who dreams of not touching the stars but learning about them in a passionately curious way isn't forced to destroy their ambition due to social and external factors, such as location, language, religion, or financial background. Hence the reason for the development of a global, multilingual, and non-profit learning platform which is totally free and has no boundaries whatsoever.

In simple terms, we are a global, free-to-use, and multilingual e-learning platform aimed at encouraging curious minds from across the globe to look up at the night sky and ponder questions. It’s our goal and mission to spread knowledge and curiosity to young minds and to make sure that every single person who visits us walks away with something new that they learned. We have many offerings ranging from blogs and forums in various languages to science outreach programs in schools. It's our absolute goal to make sure that the light bulb inside of all of y'all's minds will glow brighter than a supernova. 

We offer many things for the daily learner. We have regular posts on our blog in various different languages. We also have visual learning modules where the same concepts written in the blog will be explained visually, these modules will also be uploaded on our YouTube channel. We also have over 15 forums where creative and young minds from all over the world discuss concepts ranging from nano-technology to cosmology. 

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