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Learn something new in various fields, ranging from nanotechnology to observational cosmology, through our multitude of forums.
Who wouldn't want to learn something new while meeting and interacting with new people?

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Daily posts such as Fact of the Day, and weekly posts such as Scientist of the Week, Topic of the Week, etc. are just some of the exciting and fun stuff which happens on our blog.

Come and fall in love with the complexity yet simplicity of the Universe.


In The Stars, We Believe 

Have you ever thought of how small we are, an entire civilization living on a planet out of more than 200 billion planets in just our galaxy, which itself is one out of 2 trillion galaxies, but yet again, we are so big when compared with the atoms which make us up? This is just one of the thoughts which lead me to form this community. Learn more about what our mission and motto are.

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